The DynaCentri Cloud Platform

Starting at $0.0025/cloudlet/hour

Let us manage the hardware so that you can focus on development rather than worrying about servers to maintain and scale as usage fluctuates. Deploy anything from game servers like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, S&Box, Nodes, or deploy web hosting, Discord bots, and UniFi Controllers, all while you're only charged for actual resources consumed or reserved and not the limits.

*14-Day Money-Back Guarantee OR contact support to receive a 14-day free trial after signing up.

We Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payments.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin.

Automatic Scaling On-Demand

RAM and CPU consumption is monitored for each container and measured in units called cloudlets.

Each cloudlet is 400MHz CPU and 128MiB RAM. This means that if your application consumes 5 cloudlets, infrastructure will allocate 2000MHz CPU and 640MiB of RAM.

Reserved Cloudlets

These are set resources and never change. You will always be charged for however many cloudlets you've reserved.

Dynamic Cloudlets

Dynamically added as your resource usage increases and will stop at your Scalling Limit, then automaticlly removed as your resource usage decreases. The platform will only charge you for the resources utilized, not the limits.

Save up to 45% on cloud spending with numerous ways to minimize expenses.
Why pay for resources that aren't being used?

Image displaying how scaling works
Image displaying the marketplace

Automation of Application Lifecycle

The cloud platfom allows you to automate application lifecycles using Cloud Scripting for frequent tasks, complex CI/CD flows, clustering configurations, and application deployment. Learn More

Features for Developers and Collaboration

Easy creation of dev, test, and production environments.

Fast setup of clustered and highly available applications.

Support of microservices and legacy monolithic applications.

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling.

Zero downtime deployment with automated traffic distribution.

Out-of-the-Box TCP and HTTP(S) load-balancing.

Ability to hibernate, stop, restart, and clone environments.

Integrated CI and CD tools for automations.

Built-in monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, and IO with configurable alert notifications.

Live log viewer and file system manager within the developer dashboard.

Share environments and collaborate with different access levels.

Application management via UI, SSH, API, and CLI.

Deployment via GIT, SVN, FTP, and SFTP.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Docker Container support with integrated public and private hub registries.

Hyper-Converged Cloud Platform

Fully Managed Private Cloud

Cloud hosting on hyper-converged infrastructure with 24/7 support and monitoring. The platform includes KVM-based virtualization, OpenStack orchestration, software-defined storage, white labeling with your brand, a self-service portal, and many more features.

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Cloudlet Pricing

Total cost per-cloudlet based on 730 hours usage. You do not pay for unused resources.

Reserved Dynamic
Discount Your price in USD cloudlet/hour Your price in USD cloudlet/month Discount Your price in USD cloudlet/hour Your price in USD cloudlet/month
1-7 5% $0.002375/hr $1.73/month 0% $0.0025/hr $1.82/month
8-14 10% $0.00225/hr $1.64/month 5% $0.002375/hr $1.73/month
15-29 20% $0.0020/hr $1.46/month 15% $0.002125/hr $1.55/month
30-59 25% $0.001875/hr $1.36/month 20% $0.0020/hr $1.46/month
60-119 30% $0.00175/hr $1.27/month 25% $0.001875/hr $1.36/month
120-239 35% $0.001625/hr $1.18/month 30% $0.00175/hr $1.27/month
240-319 40% $0.0015/hr $1.09/month 35% $0.001625/hr $1.18/month
320-> 45% $0.001375/hr $1.00/month 40% $0.0015/hr $1.09/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for free?

Yes, we provide a 14 day trial period. To start your trial, create an account and login, once you have done this contact support to have the trial enabled. No credit card required.

Do you provide support of Docker or .NET?

Yes, our platform supports docker natively as well as .NET Core.

Do you support Windows VMs?

No, we currenlty do not offer Windows VMs on our platform.

Do you provide Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) like Amazon AWS?

Yes, we operate Hyper-converged infrastructure within our Chicago datacenter for both public and private cloud. Contact us to inquire.

Can we purchase or bring our own hardware?

Yes, if you wish to purchase your equipment, we can deploy and manage it in our own datacenters.

Do you offer managed colocation?

Yes, we offer managed colocation services. Contact the datacenter services team to inquire about your needs.

Do you offer reselling accounts?

Yes, if you wish to become a reseller or have customers you want to offer managed services, don't hesitate to contact our sales department.

What Cloud Scripting tags for Hardware Hosts are available?

The current list of tags for Selecting Hardware Hosts can be obtained by contacting customer support.

What is HydraDyne?

HydraDyne AtOMS is an in-house developed software and service that helps us ensure uptime and proactively respond to issues without intervention from staff. We are working to make a small part of it available to customers.

Datacenter Locations Globally